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In our schools we base our teaching on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum guidance in Year R and the 2014 National Curriculum guidance in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Each Year group uses these guidance documents to create a long term coverage map.

Curriculum Statement

Governing bodies are required to produce a curriculum statement annually. This replaces the requirement under the School Framework and Standards Act 1998 for a curriculum plan.

At Havelock Schools this statement sets out the principles underpinning the curriculum and reflects the school’s commitment to developing all aspects of their pupils’ lives.

Although our curriculum is underpinned by the aims of the National Curriculum, there are other planned opportunities that make up the wider school curriculum. Where links can be made subjects are taught creatively in a cross curricular thematic manner using the Learning Challenges approach. The curriculum is planned following the skills identified in the National Curriculum for all primary aged children. At Havelock we value a creative curriculum which engages children’s natural inquisitive minds and is relevant to their lives. A copy of the termly curriculum coverage for each year group is uploaded to our website each term.

Where possible and appropriate, planning of lessons is undertaken to link subjects together making learning contextualised and relevant. Each term, classes will follow a main theme/topic where teachers will try to use these topics as a focus for learning different skills.
For example: A topic about plants and animals will incorporate, Science, Art, maybe Design and Technology, Mathematics and English. This also allows for children to undertake independent research connected to their learning though a variety of different subjects (depending on their own personal interests)

Core Subjects

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computing
  • Religious Education

Foundation Subjects

  • Art
  • Design Technolody
  • Geography
  • History
  • Modern Foreign Language
  • Music
  • Personal, Social and Health Education (including Sex and Relationships Education)
  • Physical Education

Physical Education

The aim of physical education is to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. Children are taught to observe the conventions of fair play, honest competition and good sporting behaviour as individual participants, team members and spectators. The school uses the “REAL PE” scheme to help pupils to build fundamental movement and coordination skills in a non-sports specific way to enable them to transfer these skills in range of sports and games.

Children take part in games, gymnastic movement, dance and athletic activities using indoor and outdoor environments where appropriate. Children can take part in after school clubs and have the opportunity to compete against other schools.
Children have swimming lessons in Year Four and Five.

Our PE leader facilitates a wide range of coaching sessions including basketball, netball, cricket, gymnastics, cheerleading, lacrosse, karate, athletics, football and rugby.


Children from year 3 – 6 have French taught to them on a weekly basis. This includes learning vocabulary, leading to structuring sentences that can be used in everyday talk. In addition, children learn about the cultural elements of different languages. They develop their skills through games, songs, rhymes, stories and role- play and through fun and varied lessons.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We provide a large range of activities including, football, cricket, gymnastics, cross country, tennis, multi skills and netball to name a few. Such activities are run voluntarily by the staff and are dependent, at any time, on the interests and enthusiasm of individual teachers with the co-operation and assistance of parents and the availability of outside providers.

We also engage outside providers such as cheerleading, gymnastics, football and basketball where a charge will be incurred for club membership.

Religious Education

The school follows the County’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education published in 2011. Parents are made aware (within the School Prospectus) of the provision in 1988 Education Act allowing for exemption from Religious Education which states:

‘all pupils in attendance at a maintained school shall in each school day take part in an act of collective worship’ (though parental rights to withdraw their child are retained from the 1944 education act) which states: “If parents of any pupil in attendance at any county school or any voluntary school requests that he be wholly or partly excused from attendance at religious worship and religious instruction in the school then until the request is withdrawn the pupil shall be excused such attendance accordingly.”

Curriculum & Support

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