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Parent/Teacher Evenings

We have two parent/teacher evenings during the year. Parents are invited to come and talk about their child's progress with the class teacher either face to face or via an online appointment. You are also invited to visit your child's classroom for a celebration of learning event at the end of the academic year to view books before they are passed onto the next year group. Dates are published on the weekly school newsletter and invitations to book appointments are sent via email.

Staff are available before and after school to discuss any queries on a day by day basis or appointments to talk with class teachers can be made via the school offices.


School Reports

We also provide two written school reports about your child's progress each year - an Interim Report in January and a Final Report in July. These are sent home with the children. The interim report gives a brief outline about current attainment and sets targets for the upcoming term. The final report outlines the attainment for the year and identifies the next steps in learning for each child.

Curriculum & Support