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To further improve our home learning and provide more opportunity for pupil and teacher interaction we will be implementing Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams provides a wealth of opportunities to develop our home (remote) learning and provides further interaction and communication with yourselves and your children.

What is Teams?
Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform complete with document sharing, online meetings, and many more extremely useful features for communications.

How will we use Teams?
Each child will be added to their class team. Once logged in they have access to shared posts, files and work set by the class teacher. It also means we can schedule online meetings for the class should the need arise. We will use it to set homework, set and mark work for any remote learning that is required, to communicate events that are unique to your child’s class, share class events and for parent evenings. As our confidence grows with using Teams we will explore more and more opportunities using the resource.

How do I access Teams?
There are many ways to access Teams. It can be found on the internet using the following link:

It is also an app that can be downloaded onto a pc, chromebook, ipad, mobile phone or other tablets.
This means it is very accessible by almost any device that can link to the internet.

What do I need to get started?
Every child at Havelock has a Teams account. Their individual login and password can be found in their home school link book. Once you have downloaded the app or accessed it using the internet link above you need to sign in.