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In our schools we base our teaching on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum guidance in Year R and the 2014 National Curriculum guidance in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Each Year group uses these guidance documents to create a long term coverage map.

Curriculum Statement

As a result of being taught the Havelock School curriculum the children will :

  • Be prepared for the next stage of their education
  • Be Self-confident
  • Be Resilient
  • Be Independent and self-reliant
  • Be critical thinkers
  • Be Leaders
  • Have a global perspective
  • Have a sense of pride and belonging in their community


Units are designed so that key knowledge concepts are taught within each subject.

Knowledge is prioritised so that children can gain a deep understanding of the concept.

Learning is be integrated across subjects to better establish links and common vocabulary to support and develop schemata

Making Progress

Curriculum is set out a coherent sequence and structure that can successfully be implemented showing progression in skills, knowledge, vocabulary and concepts.

Assessment is meaningful and driven by the curriculum to ensure that the necessary concepts are developed and committed to long-term memory.

End of unit outcomes demonstrate the learning that has taken place.


Children explore the curriculum in many fun and exciting ways

The Curriculum seeks to develop the whole child through PHSE, British Values, SMSC, SRE and global citizenship

Children have access to many enrichment opportunities within school such as Forest School, trips, community links and special visitors

Language and vocabulary

Teaching is designed to develop and deepen vocabulary

New vocabulary is clearly displayed and embedded across all subjects

Philosophy for Children P4C teaches children critical thinking and the ability to articulate their thoughts


Reading is prioritised in the curriculum for all pupils, including developing a love of reading.

In many lessons, children are expected to read about the subject matter

Class reading texts will be used to develop vocabulary and reading for understanding

Support for all

Children receive Quality First teaching where their needs are met through small step instruction

The Curriculum is fully inclusive enabling progress for all pupils including SEND, PP, EAL and LAC.

Effective modelling and worked examples reduces the chance of misconceptions

Scaffolding provides children with the structure and support to achieve well and build confidence  

Deepening concepts

Key concepts in relevant subjects are identified. The understanding of these is deepened every time they are revisited

Teachers make efforts to link prior learning and to build on existing understanding.

Curriculum & Support

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