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With technology playing such a significant role in society today, the children at Havelock will have a rich, high-quality experience in computing so that they will be equipped with the skills required to think computationally and the creativity to understand how technology, software and hardware is used in everyday life.  

At Havelock, we teach all three elements of the Computing curriculum: 

  • Computer Science, where children will understand how computers work and how we work with them to complete everyday tasks 
  • Information Technology, where children will be given the chance to explore a variety of programs to complete a range of tasks. 
  • Digital Literacy, where children will explore how technology is used in everyday aspects of their daily life and how they can use technology to express themselves. 

At Havelock, we understand that technology is everchanging and becoming more and more prominent in our daily lives therefore have 3 aims that will prepare the children for the challenges of the rapidly developing and changing digital world. 

  • That the children become digitally literate and can use technology to express themselves confidently, safely and independently. 
  • That the children become digital citizens and are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology. 
  • That the children can apply the science behind computing to everyday aspects in their lives to encourage independent learning in life (Problem solving, organisation, analysing, planning etc…) 


In order to deliver a high-quality computing education the teachers at Havelock must lead by example. The Computing Co-ordinator will complete training with all staff on relevant apps and programmes so that all staff are confident in their use of technology. 

As a school, we have chosen the Purple Mash Computing Scheme of Work from Reception to Year 6. The scheme of work supports our teachers in delivering fun and engaging lessons which help to raise standards and allow all pupils to achieve to their full potential. We are confident that the scheme of work more than adequately meets the national vision for Computing. It provides immense flexibility, strong cross-curricular links and integrates perfectly with the 2Simple Computing Assessment Tool. Furthermore, it gives excellent supporting material for less confident teachers. 

Computing has deep links with mathematics, science, and design and technology, and provides insights into both natural and artificial systems. It can also enhance the teaching and learning; therefore Computing will be used in as many subjects as possible, allowing for cross curricular links. This provides opportunities for the children to see the benefits of becoming digitally literate. By implementing computing in different subjects will allow the children to use a variety of programmes encouraging the creativity and confident to express themselves. Ultimately, by not restricting computing to just our computing lessons will allow the children to see how computing can be used not only in different subjects but also into everyday life. 


Our computing curriculum is high quality and planned to demonstrate progression, if the children’s key skills are built on and all aspects of the curriculum is covered, they are deemed to be making progress. 

The computing curriculum will encourage creativity so children will enjoy and be enthusiastic about computing. They should feel confident in using technology creatively and should know how to keep themselves safe in the digital world. 

 Children will develop a sound knowledge of the Purple Mash curriculum and how this can enhance their wider curriculum and learning and ultimately leave Havelock ready for the challenges of the digital world in their future.  

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