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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child into Year 6. Our half-termly newsletters will inform you of our topics and the areas we will be covering, as well as any additional information you need to know.


  • Please feel free to come and speak to us about how your child is settling in, developments you’d like to share or any concerns you have. If this is a quick message, the member of staff on the door in the morning will be happy to pass it on to your child’s teacher, or please catch us at the end of the day. If it is something that will need longer, please make an appointment for a more convenient time. As you can appreciate mornings are very busy but we do want to hear from you and will do our very best to see you the same day. Home/School link books are checked every day, but it is always worth asking your child to let us know if there is a message inside that we need to read.  
  • Please can we remind you to make sure all your child’s items of clothing are named, particularly jumpers? If your child does come home with clothing that doesn’t belong to them please return it as soon as possible.  
  • PE Kits

    All PE will continue to be done outside so children are to come to school in their PE kit on the days that their class does P.E. Please send them wearing the usual school PE kit with their school jumper/cardigan on top for warmth. We ask that they wear a pair of trainers (not plimsolls) on their feet on their PE days. PE days are as follows:

    Edison – Monday and Tuesday

    Darwin – Monday and  Wednesday

    Anning – Monday and Friday 

  • On those days, earrings must be taken out before school unless your child can take them out themselves. We can help them in school if you sign a permission slip. If your child goes home in their PE kit after a club, please make sure it is returned to school the next day. Children should wear a plain white t-shirt and preferably black shorts/leggings.

  • We use Accelerated Reader as our independent reading scheme. Some of you will be familiar with how this works, but simply, at the start of each main term the children do an online assessment to set their reading level, which is given as a number, not a colour. Every day the children are given 20 minutes to read independently and must do an online quiz for each book that they read. We encourage  all children to read for 15 minutes at home each evening – research shows that it makes all the difference to their progress and ask that you make a simple record of this in their Home-School Link books. Children are rewarded with a certificate for reading at least five times each week but we do send out a yellow reminder letter on the importance of reading at home if they read less than five times each week.


    We will be starting to send out homework again next week on Thursdays . This will be set on Teams as an assignment and any written work should be completed in their home learning books and submitted on Teams via a photograph or by attaching a word/powerpoint/excel document. Please also check My Maths (Y1 upwards) and Purple Mash as staff will be utilising all these online resources to set the home learning assignments. If your child needs a new home learning books as they have completed the previous book, please contact your child’s teacher to request a new one. If there are any problems, please speak with a member of staff. Thank you for your support with this.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information, we are grateful for your continued support

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Year 6 Curriculum